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Jun 30

I knew there would be controversy when I wrote For the Love of Siam, the Story of King Narai and Constantine Phaulkon but I never thought it would be so intense. The debate centers on the question of whether or not the Kingdom of Siam, under the reign of King Narai, came close to converting Siam to Christianity.  


Royal barges in King Narai’s day

The story of King Narai and Constantine Phaulkon had long been my interest but I never entertained the idea of writing a book about King Narai. I was, however, asked to write a six-hour television script on the king and Constantine, his Greek foreign minister. The idea for the TV series was hatched by Skip Heinecke who, at the time, was the Sales Director for Marriot Riverside Resort in Bangkok. Skip for many years had a been a movie promoter in Hollywood and he knew the movie business…

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